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2013 New arrival !!! NEW1 HD5421W red dot sight !

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This is test notice!

品名Item name:HD5421W red dot sight

款号Item no.:NEW2


性能参数Performance Parameter
倍率 magnification x2±5%
反射镜片镀膜 Reflex Lens Coating 多层红膜反射膜Multi coated
透过率Overall Light Transmission >70%
物镜通光孔径Obejective Lens Diameter  20mm
红/绿点形状 Reticle Style Dot
红/绿点大小 Dot size 3MOA±5%
视差Parallax  <3MOA
视差校正Parallax Correction 100yad
调节钉Adjustment Turrets 普通工具调调节钉standard tool
调节范围Adjustment Range 任意方向Any direction>60MOA
咔嚓值Click Value 1±5%
调节钉旋向Spiral Direction  顺时针Clockwise,Up/Right
亮度Brightness 0~10档grade,红光red light
激光有效距离 Laser range 白天daytime20m
激光在有效距离的光斑直径The laser spot diameter in effective distance <10mm
外观参数Apperance Parameter
中心高Centerline Height 18.25mm(AM1S)
表面处理Finish & Coating 阳极氧化,细砂Anodizing,Fine sand
颜色Color 哑黑Black matte
配合导轨 Mounting Requirement 皮卡丁尼Picatinny rail
装夹方式Mounting Style 自带底座Self mounting
刻字Marking 依照客户要求和确认的样品As request
长度Length 80
高度Height 49
宽度Width 41


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